(5-10 September 2022)

In order to celebrate 50 years of me and 25 years me working for XMM-Newton I am inviting to join the:


a cycling tour from Darmstadt to Saarbrücken along 6 rivers.

click here for LIVE tracking (finished)

click here for Komoot Link with details of the tour



Trip 1: (Mo, 5. September):
Darmstadt-Rhein, 22 km,
Start: 16:00 CEST, ESOC, End: Niersteiner Straße 38, 65468 Trebur
Evening Location 18:00: (~25P)
Note: next train station to get back to DA is Nauheim (9km away from evening location, trains until midnight)

Trip 2: (Tue, 6. September):
Rhein-Nahe 44 km,
Start: 09:30 CEST Start: Astheimer Schlösschen Hans-Böckler Straße 6 65468 Trebur Hessen, End: Kreuznacher Str.14, 55546 Neu-Bamberg,
Evening Location 18:00: (~5P)

Trip 3: (We, 7 September):
Nahe-Glan, 54 km,
Start: 09:30 CEST Start: Wöllsteiner Str. 17, 55599 Siefersheim, End: Ulmet
Evening Location 19:00: (~3P)

Trip 4: (Thu, 8. September):
Glan-Erbach, 38 km,
Start: 09:30 CEST Start: Ulmet, End: Am kleinen Weiher 4, Homburg Erbach
Evening Location 18:00: cherry-wagon BBQ  (~15P counting)

Trip 5: (Fri, 9. September):
Erbach-Blies, 43 km
Start: circa 10:30 CEST, Am kleinen Weiher 4, Homburg Erbach, End: Sarreguemines
Evening Location 19:00: (18P (M:7 F10: V:1)

Trip 6: (Sa, 10. September):
Blies-Saar, 19 km
Start: 10:30 CEST from 4 rue du Colonel Edouard Cazal, 57200 SARREGUEMINES, (End: Saarbrücken)
Afternoon Location 13:30 (~10P)


Please register for the individual trips/dinners by sending an email/Whatsapp

I am looking very forward to seeing many of you (again) and having some good time together …

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